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Operating Lease - you mind your business while we mind your vehicles










An operating lease is a worry-free vehicle lease designed exclusively for businesses. It makes managing essential work vehicles smooth and simple.

Free your capital, improve cash flow, minimise risk and dispense with daily distractions like fuel, tyres and essential asset maintenance.

An operating lease is simple and risk free. For a fixed monthly rental you get full use of the vehicle. 

Pay an operating cost for essential vehicles instead of significant cash outlay for depreciating assets on your balance sheet. 

Your choose the vehicle that is right for your business, decide the lease term and how many kilometers you are likely to travel each year.

We provide the quote, order your new vehicle and have it delivered to your business. At the end of the term you just hand the vehicle back - hassle free. 

The operating monthly lease payment covers anticipated costs for the duration of the lease term, including:

  • Registration 
  • Insurance 
  • Tyres
  • Scheduled servicing and maintenance

Think about how an operating lease can help your business:

  •  Flexible contract terms from 12 to 60 months 
  • No capital outlay required to fund the purchase of vehicles
  • Fixed vehicle lease rentals as a single monthly repayment invoice for easy and accurate budgeting
  • The car is funded externally and not shown on the balance sheet as a liability
  • No costs or liability associated with vehicle disposal 
  • GST can be claimed on the monthly finance lease payments 
  • Choose the vehicle you want 
  • The purchase process is completely handled by a company that has an established buying power 
  • Less administration time and expense 
  • Fully tax deductible up to depreciation limit  

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