On the Road to building an Empire, Investments are key.

On-Demand Webinar: Property Investment Finance Hints, Tips and Strategies

March 12, 2016

By James Lawrence

This webinar we discuss the essential hints and tips that you need to know when considering finance for your next investment property.

Ensuring you select the most appropriate property investment finance is essential for you to grow a profitable portfolio.

Presented by one of Australia's leading financial experts and founder of Connective, Murray Lees will show you how you can potentially save thousands of dollars in interest repayments, minimise risk and ultimately build a successful and sustainable portfolio.

This interactive, content packed webinar will also include:

  • The importance of the right structure
  • How lenders will assess your application 
  • How to maximise your borrowing capacity 
  • Funding vs financing - what's the difference
  • Loan types - what's right for you 
  • One lender or multiple - the pros and cons
  • Managing your risk as a borrower
  • A live Q&A following the webinar where you can have your finance questions answered.