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On-Demand Webinar: How to Replace Your Current Annual Salary Through Property Investing in 10 Years

March 12, 2016

By James Lawrence

We have teamed up with the experts from Pumped on Property for this webinar, where you will learn a range of simple strategies you could use to potentially replace your income through property investing.

Property investing can be a vehicle for sustainable and long-term wealth creation, but it is also a skill you can learn using the right strategies and with a great support team.

The 60-minute webinar will include:

  • Search and analyse hundreds of high cash flow properties available every day. Filter those with yields of 8% to 15% and analyse the highest net cash flow and best match for your personal portfolio.
  • How to time the property market more effectively
  • How to identify historically consistent markets, suburbs and streets before purchasing an investment property
  • Processes and tools to effectively carry out due diligence prior to placing an offer on an investment property
  • Simple ways to replace your income through property investing in 10 years
  • What not to buy – avoiding costly mistakes
  • How to use the latest technology to save time, minimise risk and maximise profits

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